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8 February @ 01:47

To celebrate the 75 years of liberation in Limburg Studio Europa Maastricht organised on 12 and 13 September, in collaboration with Fashionclash, creative design workshops for young Belgian, German speaking and Dutch students.

Altogether, 150 students from different schools and nationalities, spoke about the meaning of freedom in their lives as well as the meaning of peace on the European continent. It was great to see that despite the language barriers, participants were able to speak and exchange views with each other on such an important topic. The students translated the outcomes of their brainstorm sessions into creative designs.

In all honesty, we were positively surprised by the ideals that many of these young European citizens defend. We noticed that freedom is not anymore only a matter of absence of war. Instead many expressed feeling their freedom is being threatened by climate change and environmental pollution. Another surprising outcome was the fact that most young women interpreted freedom in a very personal way. For them freedom represents not having to worry about gender discrimination and harrassment on the workfloor or on the streets.

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8 February 2023