Euro at 20: shifting paradigms?

27 September

Euro at 20: keynote lecture by Joachim Bitterlich

27 September

Academic conference on 30 years Maastricht Treaty: the past, present, and future of European Integration

28 September - 29

Keynote lecture by Thomas Piketty: Rising inequality and the democratisation of Europe

28 September

Keynote lecture by Paul de Grauwe: 'The fragility of the eurozone: endemic or temporary?'

29 September
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Europe after Brexit (NL)

6 February 2020 @ 20:0021:45

Lecture by Caroline de Gruyter, columnist and Europe correspondent NRC Handelsblad

The entire political game in Europe changes after the Brexit. The liberal “Nordics” and non-euro countries are losing major support in a number of areas in Brussels, while France and Germany are becoming more dominant. Immediately after the British referendum in 2016, many countries started looking for new coalition partners.

In this lecture, Caroline de Gruyter examines the consequences of the Brexit for Europe. Are there any files that suddenly come to a halt due to the departure of the British, or will they actually accelerate? What new alliances will emerge from the Brexit? Which countries play the “new game” best? Is the Netherlands involved in it?


6 February 2020