Euro at 20: shifting paradigms?

27 September

Euro at 20: keynote lecture by Joachim Bitterlich

27 September

Academic conference on 30 years Maastricht Treaty: the past, present, and future of European Integration

28 September - 29

Keynote lecture by Thomas Piketty: Rising inequality and the democratisation of Europe

28 September

Keynote lecture by Paul de Grauwe: 'The fragility of the eurozone: endemic or temporary?'

29 September
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Launch of the Big European Activity Book with Frans Timmermans

7 February

Last year the online magazine ‘Europe comes together: The Maastricht Treaty in 1992’ was published in collaboration with the Historisch Nieuwsblad. In addition, a Europe special has been developed for primary school students: an interactive children’s special that can be used as a teaching module. The Big European Activity Book will be available from 7 February in Dutch, German, French and English.


7 February