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23 September

European Cartoon Award Cartoons day

17 October
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Our view on Europe. In conversation with Wopke Hoekstra

Muziekgieterij Boschstraat 7, Maastricht, Netherlands

---disclaimer: this event is in Dutch --- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wopke Hoekstra give a speech titled "Our view of Europe" on Monday 9 May 2022 from 4:00 pm to 5:10 pm. He will be discussing, among others, civil dialogues and how they make a valuable contribution in shaping Dutch EU


Every year, the Lille European Metropolis (MEL) and the French-Dutch Network (RFN), an operator of the French Embassy to the Netherlands based at the University of Lille, organise a creathon. This pressure cooker style event focuses on developing innovative entrepreneurial projects and lasting ties between Lille Metropole, Belgium and the Netherlands.  The topic of this edition will be circular

Bursting the Brussels Bubble, EU Careers in the Region

After an EU-related study at UM/HS Zuyd, many graduates follow the beaten path to Brussels. After all, that's where you have to be to work on cross-border themes and European policy, that's often the way of thinking. But working on a better Europe is not only happening in the capitals and Brussels. The many regions

Join Workplace Europe: Circular Economies without Borders – Edition 6

Tapijn Brasserie Maastricht Tapijnkazerne 20, Maastricht, Netherlands

Workplace Europe: Circular Economies without Borders aims to share knowledge and foster community building on circular economy in border regions. As a regionally-embedded centre of expertise for Europe-related debate and research, Studio Europa Maastricht wants to enhance collaboration in this field. We aspire to bring together representatives of regional businesses, circular start-ups, multinational companies, science hubs, intermediaries,


Volksplein Maastricht Volksplein, Maastricht, Netherlands

A travelling encounter between Maastricht and Liège Two neighbourhoods in two cities and two countries; only twenty-six kilometres apart, yet the distance feels much greater. We take you on a trip across the border by coach. We show you everyday, normal life in these neighbourhoods. You listen to stories from the residents. How do they

Inaugural Princess Beatrix lecture by Élisabeth Guigou

On Friday 3 June 2022, former French Minister of European Affairs Élisabeth Guigou will be delivering the inaugural Princess Beatrix-lecture in Maastricht. The afternoon lecture will be attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands. The lecture is part of a series of events to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty.

Crisis in Europe & Beyond

Tapijn Brasserie Maastricht Tapijnkazerne 20, Maastricht, Netherlands

From the COVID pandemic and violent conflict in Ukraine to the looming climate emergency and rising levels of socioeconomic precarity, Europe today is awash in a multitude of discussions about crisis. While many of us at UM may not readily identify ourselves as crisis researchers, upon closer inspection, our work often has very deep relevance

The shifting sands of Europe: COVID-19, energy, and the drumbeat of war

UM Campus Brussels Avenue de Tervueren 153, Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

Just as Europe was recovering from the pandemic, dealing with a cost of living crisis and challenges in the east to the rule of law, war has returned to the continent. The concoction of crises leaves Europe reeling, its sands shifting. This year, 89 Initiative will launch a hybrid policy conference to address how Europe

Smalltalk Heerlen – Aachen

A travelling encounter between Heerlen and Aachen. Two neighbourhoods in two cities and two countries; less than kilometres apart, yet the distance feels much greater. We take you on a trip across the border by coach. We show you everyday, normal life in these neighbourhoods. You listen to stories from the residents. How do they

European Cartoon Award 2022 ceremony at PAS Festival

What is this year’s best political cartoon about Europe? On Saturday 10 September, at the PAS Festival in Maastricht, Studio Europa Maastricht and the European Press Prize will present the European Cartoon Award 2022 at the PAS festival Maastricht. The winner will be announced in the presence of the jury. As a prelude to the

Euro at 20: shifting paradigms?

Gouvernement aan de Maas Limburglaan 10, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

Thirty years ago in Maastricht, European heads of state agreed to launch the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Three decades later, many argue that the EMU is far from ideal. The original approach was one of push ahead – fuelled by the expectation that problems would be solved in due time. Since 1992, the

Euro at 20: keynote lecture by Joachim Bitterlich

Gouvernement aan de Maas Limburglaan 10, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

As a former political advisor to Helmut Kohl during the negotiations of the Maastricht Treaty, Joachim Bitterlich was an eyewitness and a key diplomatic player at a crucial time in European integration history. On 27 september, Bitterlich will open the conference Euro at 20: shifting paradigms? He will share his reflections on the creation of

Academic conference on 30 years Maastricht Treaty: the past, present, and future of European Integration

EIPA Maastricht Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 22, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

Maastricht University and Studio Europa Maastricht are organising a free interdisciplinary academic conference to discuss the Maastricht Treaty through a European socioeconomic perspective. The conference will be held on 28 and 29 September, directly following the EMU public conference Euro at 20: shifting paradigms?, also being held in Maastricht on 27 September. The conference will facilitate

Keynote lecture by Thomas Piketty: Rising inequality and the democratisation of Europe

We are delighted to welcome Piketty online in Maastricht for a keynote lecture on rising inequality and the democratisation of Europe. In his latest book "A Brief History of Equality", French economist Thomas Piketty has come to tell an optimistic story, of the world’s astounding progress toward equality. Piketty is also the author of "Capital

Keynote lecture by Paul de Grauwe: ‘The fragility of the eurozone: endemic or temporary?’

European Institute of Public Administration Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 22, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

On 29 September, Professor Paul de Grauwe will deliver the keynote lecture The fragility of the eurozone: endemic or temporary? in Maastricht.  De Grauwe is John Paulson Chair in European Political Economy and Head of the European Institute at the LSE. He is a world-leading expert on EU and US economic systems, focusing on monetary integration, monetary

Mestreech ’92: local memories of the Maastricht Treaty as cultural heritage

Aula SBE Tongersestraat 53, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

The Maastricht Treaty is one of the most important treaties in European history. At the highest level, the treaty regulates relations between states; but during the preparations, negotiations and signing in the December days of 1991, it was not only European government leaders and top officials who were active. Waiters, traffic police and “gewoen luij”

Crossing Borders

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Location Brusselseweg) Brusselseweg 150, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

*This event is fully booked* Growing numbers of people travel to Europe to call the continent their home. This increase in migration has resulted in differing views on the subject. On 3 November 2022, students from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences organise an interactive public event to explore the topic of migration and border control.

Millennial History

AINSI Lage Kanaaldijk 113b, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

Recent European history, told by millennials, who were there when it happened. Musical journalism, to get where we are coming from. Millennial History started off as a podcast, for which Andrea Voets and composer/sound-designer Luke Deane combined hundreds of layers of music and interviews. In this live documentary-concert, all stories merge into one compelling unity

Working on Europe Academy: The European socioeconomic project

Online , Netherlands

Session 1: The great lockdown and the sustainability of the European socioeconomic project Lecturer: Dr Ivan Rubinić This lecture's principal purpose is to chart the route towards sustainable European integration through the lessons drawn from the nexus between cross-country COVID-19 pandemic response effectiveness and economic inequalities. Given the vast inequalities in initial capital and labour