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Working on Europe Academy: Migration and well-being

Online , Netherlands

Session 5: Migration and well-being: implications for attracting and retaining highly skilled migrants Lecturer: Julia Reinold Migration and well-being are linked in various ways. For example, well-being can be a reason for migration and migration can have consequences for the well-being of migrants and those left behind in the country of origin. This lecture sheds

Launch Oral History Project

The oral history project (OHP) focuses on memories of politicians, among others, about (Dutch) European politics before, during and after the establishment of the Maastricht Treaty. The heritage staff of Studio Europa interviewed key political players at the time of the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1991/1992. The digital database with the first interviews will be presented in December. 

Café Europa: Eindejaarsshow 2022 – Speciale live-editie

PAARD (poppodium) Prinsegracht 12, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Nederland

(This event is in Dutch) Annette en Mathieu nemen in de speciale live-editie verschillende gasten het Europese jaar door vanuit poppodium Paard. Een jaar waarin alles draaide om de oorlog in Oekraïne. Met Europarlementariërs Esther de Lange van het CDA, en Bart Groothuis van de VVD, kijken ze hoe de EU heeft gereageerd op de

Podcast launch: Europe around you

Heren/Singelzaal OBA Oosterdok Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 DL Amsterdam Oosterdokskade 143, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

What places or events in the Netherlands have shaped the history of Europe or the European Union? What is European heritage, maybe even without knowing it? And what does this mean for today's Europe - and for you? On 12 January 2023, DutchCulture is proud to launch the new podcast Europe around you, about Dutch

Re-negotiate: A new social contract in an age of crises

Sint Janskerk Vrijhof 24, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

Despite thirty years of desperate warnings from scientists and civil society, we have so far failed to address the looming catastrophes of runaway climate change, biodiversity loss, social inequality, and democratic decay. All the possible futures that we face in this moment involve transformative change. Either we reshape the ways our societies function, or these

Climate Pact and Future of Europe in Green and Digital Transformation

Online , Netherlands

Join us and your fellow UM alumni to network and discuss the climate pacts and the future of Europe in green and digital transformation. Our guest speaker, Dr. Burak Can is an associate professor of Data Analytics and Digitalisation at the School of Business and Economics. In addition, he also serves as one of the

The Dutch in the EU – guest lectures

H0.06 SBE Tongersestraat 53, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

Part I: The Dutch in the EU - a financial perspective, including simulation game How do the Dutch position themselves in the EU? And how does the minister of finance represent Dutch interests in the European context? During this lecture we will discuss, from an everyday point of view, the Dutch position on EU financial

Growing green careers

Faculty of Law Bouillonstraat 1-3, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

The green transition will profoundly impact Europe’s labour markets. While some regions will be exposed to job losses in fossil fuel-reliant sectors, others will see new jobs in renewable energy and the circular economy. Growing Green Careers invites students and recent graduates to meet young professionals working on the green transition at regional and local


NATO visit

NATO Allied Joint Force Command in Brunssum Rimburgerweg 30, Brunssum, Limburg, Netherlands

Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Brunssum is one of three operational-level NATO headquarters, together with JFC Naples (Italy) and JFC Norfolk (United States). On 2 May students of Maastricht University will visit the headquarters and engage in a conversation with NATO officials about the operations that take place in Brunssum. They will also discuss the

Strategic dialogue on European Universities

MECC Forum 100, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

In 2017, the European Universities initiative was introduced by French President Macron in a speech given at Sorbonne University and launched by the European Commission. The initiative’s goal is to generate unprecedented levels of cooperation to foster strategic partnerships for student mobility, research and excellence; while at the same time boosting the EU's international performance.


Panel discussion – Artificial intelligence in Europe: human-centered?

(This event is in Dutch) Als eerste in de wereld presenteerde de Europese Commissie in april haar plannen voor Europese regelgeving van kunstmatige intelligentie. Op dinsdag 17 mei (12:00-13:00) organiseert Studio Europa Maastricht een verdiepend panelgesprek over deze unieke Europese aanpak.   Kunstmatige intelligentie is een containerbegrip voor computersystemen die op basis van grote hoeveelheden data, menselijke intelligentie nabootsen en zichzelf al lerend verbeteren. Op grote

DutchCulture on Tour X Limburg-based creators: Information and networking event

Jan van Eyck Academie Academieplein 1, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

Are you from or living in Limburg and do you have (inter)national cultural ambitions? Or are you afraid to dream about it because you don't know what the possibilities are or where to start? Then mark Wednesday 17 May in your diary, because DutchCulture on Tour is coming to Maastricht to inform you about all the possibilities!

Pint of Science Festival: Are social media disrupting our lives?

Que Pasa Maastricht Tongersestraat 3, Maastricht, Limburg, Nederland

The Pint of Science festival brings researchers to your local pub, where they will tell you about the latest news in their scientific world. On 22 May at 19:00 at Tapasbar Que Pasa, SEM's postdoctoral researchers Alexandra Masciantonio and Nino Gugushvili will share their findings in their research on the effects of social media in

Pint of Science Festival: The EU and you: far away or close by?

STAN Maastricht Sphinxcour 8, Maastricht, Limburg, Nederland

The Pint of Science festival brings researchers to your local pub, where they will tell you about the latest news in their scientific world. On 23 May at 19.30 in restaurant STAN, SEM's postdoctoral researchers Koen van Zon and Soetkin Verhaegen will share their findings in their research on how European and international institutions interact

Café Europa: De speciale zomereditie met Kysia Hekster, Clara van de Wiel & Derk Marseille

Online , Netherlands

(This event is in Dutch) Annette en Mathieu maken in deze laatste aflevering voor de zomerstop de balans op van een enerverend halfjaar Europese politiek, tijdens een speciale editie vanuit Nieuwspoort. Met Europa-correspondenten Clara van de Wiel (NRC) en Kysia Hekster (NOS) wordt er onder andere gekeken naar de Nederlandse opstelling in Europa. Merkt Clara

Europe Youth Parliament Summer Academy

From 15 to 18 August, Maastricht will be the host city for the European Youth Parliament (EYP) summer academy for upcoming EYP board members. To prepare the new board members in their respective roles, a group of 80 to 100 young Europeans from all over the continent will participate in a programme full of team-building