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23 September

European Cartoon Award Cartoons day

17 October
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Film: Collective, with an introduction by Cristian Surubaru (Romanian with Dutch subtitles)

Alexander Nanau - Romania, Luxembourg - 2019 - 109 min. - Romanian with Dutch subtitles On October 30 2015, a fatal fire occurred in the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest. The disaster ultimately led to the revelation of a national corruption scandal and the resignation of the government. In the breathtaking documentary Collective, director Alexander Nanau

Join Workplace Europe: Euregion Meuse-Rhine after Corona – Edition 3

The first and second edition of Workplace Europe attracted more than 150 participants from 70 organisations, who put more than 40 topics on the agenda and brought concrete initiatives to life. Together with these partners, we are now following up on the previous editions, serving the need in Euregion to cooperate in an innovative and

Film: La Última Primavera live @ Lumière Cinema

Isabel Lamberti - Spain - 2020 - 77 min. - Spanish with English subtitles The underprivileged residents of a slum just outside Madrid are forced to leave their self-built houses because the land they live on has been sold. La Última Primavera is a gripping social-realistic drama and an intimate portrait of the Spanish Gabarre

Spokespersons have their say

During the negotiations on the European corona relief fund, Mark Rutte was viewed as a reasonable manager in his own country, but portrayed as a ruthless miser in Italy. Who determines the coverage and perception of European decisions? How do the relationships between media, politicians and European institutions work? And how does this affect European

Film: Hart van de democratie, in conversation with director Suzanne Raes

Watch this film live @ Lumière Cinema Maastricht and take part in the discussion with director Suzanne Raes Dutch with English subtitles, 88 minutes The gap between citizens and politicians is widening. In the documentary Hart van de democratie, two political reporters investigate whether our parliamentary democracy, like the building itself, is in need of

A virtual road trip | Crossing Borders in Times of Covid-19

Join us on a virtual road trip through Europe and share your lockdown-story This trip will take us through the false dawn of summer 2020, placing people’s stories in context with the challenges we face today. This event is an opportunity to explore the diverse human stories of lockdown, and share our own experiences, as

“The Green Deal: what are its implications for animals and nature?”

What are the implications of The European Green Deal for animals and nature?   Together with our partners in the RELAY Project we invite you to take part in the first thematic workshop on how The Green Deal is tackling this issue and giving a ‘voice’ to the voiceless. Register now to discuss this topic with

Europese samenwerking in de Tweede Kamer: hoeveel macht heeft het Nederlandse parlement?

Europese besluitvorming vindt plaats in Brussel, maar dat betekent niet dat Den Haag daar niets over te zeggen heeft. Op maandag 8 maart (18:00 – 19:00) organiseert Studio Europa Maastricht een panelgesprek over de invloed van de Tweede Kamer op Europese besluiten. De Nederlandse regering onderhandelt met de regeringen van andere Europese lidstaten over nieuwe

De Nationale Verkiezingsshow met de Kiesmannen

Op dinsdag 9 maart, één week voor de Tweede Kamerverkiezingen 2021, zijn de Kiesmannen terug met De Nationale Verkiezingsshow. Tijdens deze informatieve online show word je binnen 1.5 uur helemaal klaargestoomd voor de verkiezingen zodat jij straks met de borst vooruit het stemhokje instapt op 17 maart. De Nationale Verkiezingsshow Tijdens De Nationale Verkiezingsshow presenteren

Stemmen vanuit de grensregio

Op de valreep van de Nederlandse verkiezingen organiseert Studio Europa Maastricht in samenwerking met de Stichting Geen Grens op donderdag 11 maart (17:30-19:00) een online-evenement over de aandacht in politiek Den Haag voor grensoverschrijdende onderwerpen. Wat zijn belangrijke grensoverschrijdende thema’s en hoe komen deze onderwerpen terug in de verschillende partijprogramma’s? Hoe denken de verschillende partijen over het

Panel Discussion: “European Heritage and Identity: Stories from Border Regions”

When six European nations embarked on the integration process in the wake of World War II, there was no blueprint. Of course, the founders had a vision and shared ideals, but European integration has left some citizens afraid of losing their identity and cultural heritage and an influx of immigrants has fuelled these fears. Building

Join Workplace Europe: Digital Innovation in the Euregion – Edition 4

On Monday, 19 April from 9.00 to 12.00, together with the European Youth Parliament, Studio Europa Maastricht is organising an online workshop about digital innovation issues in the Euregion. During this special event, regional businesses can meet with 200 ambitious young people between the ages of 18 and 24 from all over Europe. Together they

Panel gesprek – Kunstmatige intelligentie in Europa: De mens centraal?

Als eerste in de wereld presenteerde de Europese Commissie in april haar plannen voor Europese regelgeving over kunstmatige intelligentie. Op maandag 17 mei (12:00-13:00) organiseert Studio Europa Maastricht een verdiepend panelgesprek over deze unieke Europese aanpak.   Kunstmatige intelligentie is een containerbegrip voor computersystemen die op basis van grote hoeveelheden data, menselijke intelligentie nabootsen en zichzelf al lerend verbeteren. Op grote schaal wordt deze nieuwe technologie

A Transatlantic Roundtable on Human Mobility

Agora Europe and Studio Europa Maastricht will organize on Wednesday May 19th at 11h00 AM EST / 05h00 PM CEST, a transatlantic roundtable on human mobility. The live webinar will tackle different topics, in relation to migration; the concept of  borders, sea rescue and saving lives, discrimination, xenophobia and counternarratives, with a particular focus on

Presentatie project Mapping the Nieuwstraat/Neustraβe

Op donderdag 27 mei van 14:00 tot 15:30 presenteren Eline Schmeets en Marlies Vermeulen de uitkomsten van het project ‘Mapping the Nieuwstraat/Neustraße’ tijdens een openbare onlinepresentatie die wordt georganiseerd vanuit de Hub. Bibliotheek in Kerkrade. Schmeets, PhD-onderzoeker van Studio Europa Maastricht en Vermeulen, medeoprichter van Dear Hunter en PhD-onderzoeker bij het Lectoraat Autonomie en Openbaarheid

Join Workplace Europe: Mind the Gap! – Edition 5

How can regions and their institutions claim a seat at the table of the Conference on the Future of Europe? Thursday 1 July (9:00 – 13:30) On 9 May 2021, Europe Day, EU leaders launched the long-awaited Conference on the Future of Europe. While some fear that the conference might turn into another unproductive EU talking shop, others believe that

European Cartoon Cube 2021

European Cartoon Cube Cartoons are an indispensable part of public debate. In the universal language of the image, they transcend borders and put their finger on the sore spot. In spectacular fashion, Studio Europa Maastricht, in cooperation with the European Press Prize, shows the nominees for the European Cartoon Award 2021 to the general public

The history of feminism in comics

The history of feminism in comics Vasiliki Belia, PhD researcher at Maastricht University What is feminism? A genre of comics books remembers what feminism was in the past in order to propose a feminism to aspire to in the present and future. These books bring the history of feminism to a large readership, but what

Working on Europe YUFE Academy, Session 1

Session 1: The Great Lockdown and the Sustainability of the European Socioeconomic Project Lecturer: Dr Ivan Rubinić | Postdoctoral researcher at Studio Europa Maastricht Time and date: Monday 20 September (16.00-18.00) Registration: Session details This lecture's principal purpose is charting the route towards a sustainable European integration through the lessons drawn from the nexus

Working on Europe: YUFE Academy, Session 2

Session 2: Citizen Participation in Co-constructing Narratives on European Heritage Lecturer: Dr. Nicole Basaraba | Postdoctoral researcher at Studio Europa Maastricht Time and date: Tuesday 21 September (16.00-18.00) Registration: Session details This lecture will introduce the advantages and challenges of citizen participation in the co-construction of European heritage. The concept of “public history” will