Speech en Q&A met Eurocommissaris voor Klimaatactie ​​- Wopke Hoekstra

21 mei
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Addressing the climate crisis: making a just transition happen on the local level

22 november 2021 | 16:3018:30

| Voertaal: English

This summer, the consequences of the Climate Crisis became a painful reality for our region as we battled intense flooding in Limburg, Germany and Belgium. The flooding was later found to be the result of climate change. One positive consequence emerging from this otherwise terrible circumstance, however, was that it mobilised a dialogue around confronting the climate crisis on all levels. In order to face such an existential threat, a multitude of stakeholders have to unite. This includes local groups and regional authorities but also EU-level policy makers and industry.

For this reason 89 Netherlands, Dutch chapter of pan-European think-do tank, 89 Initiative wants to use the occasion of its official launch event on 22 November to address the following questions: how can community members be empowered to implement interventions at the local level and how can open dialogue between policy makers, industry, and communities be facilitated?

Guest Speakers: ​

Prof Christian Scholl Lecturer at MSI and Research Director for 89 Netherlands

Prof Serdar Türkeli Lecturer at UNU-MERIT and Research Director for 89 Netherlands

Jan Jaap van Halem Procesmanager Climate Agreement at Province of Limburg

Nathalie Ummels Coordinator for Mondiaal Maastricht

Friederike Leppert Climate Activist, Student Representative for KAN, volunteer for Fossielvrij Maastricht

Marieke Schouten Alderman for Energy Transition and Climate of the municipality of Nieuwegein and member of the European Committee of the Regions

Dr. Lars Holstenkamp Researcher at the Institute of Sustainability Governance at Lüneburg University​ and founding member of the Research Network on Cooperatives in the Energy Transition

Gijs Termeer Director of the climate foundation, HIER

Henk Muis Chairman for energy cooperative, EigenWijkse

Pierre Schellekens Head of Unit in Communication and Outreach for DG Energy

Moderator: ​

Akudo McGee PhD candidate at Studio Europa and head of 89 Netherlands



Studio Europa Maastricht