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Community-engagement in your research?

20 februari 2020 | 10:0012:00

| Voertaal: English

(Dit evenement is in het Engels)

More and more, research is supposed to involve citizens. The idea is that researchers should not simply​ pursue their own interests, but should work for society. This includes involving citizens in science, from engaging them in the research process to presenting research results in an accessible and useful way.

During this public masterclass, a small group of Maastricht University early career researchers will present their research to Prof. Alan Irwin, who is known as an expert of community-engaged research and reflect on the role of this community engagement in their research. During this masterclass, he will publicly teach researchers by critically reflecting on their research design, and together look for opportunities to effectively involve the relevant community into the research. The researchers and the audience will be invited to reflect on how community engagement can be strengthened as well as some of the questions, challenges and issues it raises.

To attend as an audience member, please register here.
To apply as an early-career research, please register here.

The public masterclass format gives us an opportunity to learn from what community-engagement means concretely in a wide variety of different research projects.

This event is organised alongside MPCER.


20 februari 2020