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21 mei
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Neem deel aan Werkplaats Europa: Mind the Gap! – Editie 5

1 juli 2021 | 09:0013:30

| Voertaal: English

*De voertaal van Workplace Europe: Mind the Gap! is Engels*

On 9 May, Europe Day, EU leaders launched the long-awaited Conference on the Future of Europe. While some fear that the Conference might turn into another unproductive EU talking shop, others believe that it signifies a promising EU-wide exercise in citizen consultation. At least there is one thing both camps seem to agree on: the European Union faces a democratic gap that needs to be bridged urgently.

Workplace Europe: Mind the Gap explicitly intends to provide an alternative for those who wish not to join the trenches of this debate. Instead, it will present a forum to discuss what has led to the creation of an EU-wide consultation platform in the first place. It will discuss the gap(s) that the Conference on the Future of Europe aspires – and needs – to address, to then discuss how regions and their institutions can bridge these gaps.

On 1 July 2021, 50 days after the Conference’s launch, Studio Europa Maastricht will organize this special edition of Workplace Europe in collaboration with the European Committee of the Regions. A high-level panel discussion will open the Workplace, after which interactive (net)working sessions will be held. The ideas and insights collected will be shared with the Committee of the Regions, the organisers of the Conference on the Future of Europe and all participants.

What is Workplace Europe?
Workplace Europe offers the opportunity to learn from each other, explore solutions and develop new collaborations to make Europe a better place. At Workplace Europe we make use of the Open Space Methodology, this time completely online. You decide what is put on the agenda. All topics are related to the leading question of this edition. You can discuss in several breakout sessions.

The leading question for this session: ‘How can regions and their institutions claim a seat at the table of the Conference on the Future of Europe?’

We are looking forward to welcoming (regional) policymakers, academics and civil society actors, and those eager to connect these spheres to advance the debate and dialogue on the future of Europe.

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1 juli 2021